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Lehi’s Zulu Piri Piri Chicken Grille takes a bite out of authentic South African dishes

I recently returned from the trip of a lifetime to South Africa.  I went there to work in a project area I have been supporting for several years. As usual — like all my trips — it ended up being a culinary adventure.

   South Africa is a land of incredible diversity from the world’s top cutting edge foods to the authentic African cuisine, reflecting its people and culture. Imagine my excitement to see a restaurant in Lehi serving some of the chicken and Piri Piri sauce dishes that had just won my heart. I was also relieved to find they weren’t serving the spleen, oxtails and beans I had eaten in South Africa.

   There are lots of ways to enjoy Zulu’s moist Peri Peri chicken, and the fabulous staff at the order counter were happy to walk me through all the options and suggestions. The most authentic option is the bone-in chicken, which accounts for its incredibly rich flavor (yup, you only get this flavor in a chicken cooked with its bones) and it is fall-off-the-bone tender! Another great option is the Chicken
Bowl with Grilled Piri Piri chicken, grilled corn, arugula, avocado, cucumber and Piri Piri aioli, all served over African yellow rice. I devoured every bite!

   For the more Americanized version, Zulu also has Piri Piri chicken sandwiches and wraps — safe for even the most timid diner. As with all the dishes, you can choose the chicken to be grilled or crispy. (LOL, crispy is another word for fried.)

   I chose the grilled and it was amazingly moist, but I may give in to the “crispy” on my next visit. I liked that I could also choose my level of heat in the dish and sauces. Their menu describes it best in the chili pepper graphic to the right.

   Try at least one of the side dishes such as African street corn and African mango cucumber salad. Another great perk to the great food and quick service is their commitment to a better world. Zulu donates a meal in Africa for every meal purchased at their store. Having been to that continent, I can tell you firsthand the difference donated meals are making in the survival of mothers and children.  Zulu and its owners perfectly reflect the African value of “Ubuntu,” meaning “I am because of you.”

   Two thumbs up to Zulu for their tasty food, great service and commitment to making a difference.

   Until next time, remember to fill your life with scrumptious food and joy.


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