2018 Fab 40: Amy Droubay


Age 43

City Lehi

This mom of five and former professional ballerina took a three-hour cake class in summer 2018 and posted a time-lapse video of her at-home practice just for fun. Fifteen months later, time lapse videos of Amy’s holiday- and Disney-themed cakes and treats make it onto the feed of 210,000 Instagram follower on the daily. Amy’s husband, Jeff, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, so Amy has raised money and awareness about MS by auctioning off her creations. (Let them bid on cake!) In 2018, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society honored Amy with the Above and Beyond Award. But she’s not all buttercream and fondant. She’s also the No. 2 women’s singles tennis player in the state of Utah.

Favorite Superhero “Mary Poppins is my unconventional superhero. She can clean in a snap!”

Super Strength “I’m very driven. I’m creative and have discovered an artistic outlet through my cakes. I’m extremely good at time-management and that’s how I manage being a mom of five, playing tennis everyday, teaching ballet and making cakes on the side.”

Kryptonite “I tend to be self-critical and get down on myself when I can’t accomplish everything. I’m ultra-competitive and an over-thinker. I lose a lot of sleep worrying too much. I’d like to try this new thing in 2019 called relaxing! It’s my No. 1 resolution.”

Desired Super Power “I wish I could hit a forehand like my 18-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter.”

Sidekick “Always my husband. He is the only person who completely gets me and is 100 percent supportive of all my crazy endeavors.”

Secret Identity “I asked my family about my secret identity and I’m quoting my teenage son, “The Hulk comes out every now and then.” (Insert laughing/crying emoji)



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