2019 Fab 40: Colby Sanford


Age 27

City Provo

A brush-stroke of genius comes regularly for Colby Sanford, capturing quiet moments or tender relationships with muted colors and a paintbrush. Colby has always loved art, and for two years, he and his wife, Alicia, lived in China in a ceramics factory. Ironically, that’s where Colby designated pigment and canvas as his favorite medium. Now Colby’s art has lined the walls of the Meyer Gallery in Provo, BYU’s Harris Fine Arts Center, Springville Museum of Art, HERE, FourSquare Art’s online gallery and — just last December — at the Tiny Art Show hosted at Pioneer Book in Provo. When we asked Colby about his hero, he started talking about his dad and said, “I suggest you slip in another slot and interview him, because he really is a superhero. Actually, just give him my spot because I just sit in a little room and paint pictures.” #HeroicHumility

Favorite Superhero “Does James Bond count? I have fond memories of sitting on my dad’s lap, watching old James Bond films. He’s kind of a superhero in the sense that he is strong and jumps off of things and never gives up.”

Super Strength “I have blurry vision, and it comes in handy. To paint, people say you should squint your eyes or go cross eyed to look at composition, color relationships and whatnot. But all I have to do is take off my glasses and I have super painting vision built right in.”

Save the Day “This Christmas, there was a family that surprised their mom/wife with a painting of mine that she really wanted. They sent her all over the place with a scavenger hunt to find it and when she finally got to the painting she started crying. I guess I didn’t save the day in the scenario, but this family definitely made MY day. I am always amazed by the emotional power a painting can have.”



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