2019 Fab 40: Jen Springer


Age 39

City Saratoga Springs

This self-taught makeup artist shares astounding weekly makeup transformations on her Instagram and YouTube accounts under the name Classy Cozmetics. The styles of characters like Mad Eye Moody, Jack Sparrow, Catwoman and Pinocchio have graced her face. She completes her astoundingly-realistic transformations with a costume and even learns the mannerisms of the character for a full effect. Jen learned her craft through years in the film, theater, print and television industries. To her 12,800 Instagram followers and more than 3,400 YouTube subscribers, she shares transformations and inspirations. Jen also practices makeup artistry locally. (P.S. Jen gets first place for best homemade prop. She created this frame from her previous looks.)

Favorite Superhero “Always Wonder Woman. I wanted to be just like her and may have worn the PJs every night. She could take care of herself in any situation and had such great hair.”

Super Strength “I am a gatherer of people. I love to meet everyone. I love to hear their stories and learn how they’ve overcome adversities.”

Save the Day “I was in Siberia and had the impression to study maps of the city we were in. We got into trouble one day and were beat up pretty badly. I found a way to grab my friend and run. At one point she wanted to turn right but the maps I had been studying illuminated in my head and I knew we had to turn left to get away from them. I’ve never been so grateful for following a prompting to study a random map.”

Sidekick “My husband grounds me and helps me be logical. Plus, he’s pretty cute.”

Secret Identity “Because of my curiosity and craving for connection, I share my past, present and hopes for the future. I am flawed, and if I pretended to be anything else, I would be exhausted every day.”



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