2019 Fab 40: Joshua Smith


Age 42

City Spanish Fork

After medically retiring from the Air Force after 14 years due to severe injuries, Josh has become a member of the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program, the Air Force Warrior Team, Team USA at the Invictus Games and the Air Force Association. In October 2018, he competed in five events at the Invictus Games in Sydney, Australia: wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, recumbent bike, track chair racing and indoor rowing. He won eight of the 124 total American medals, making him the male competitor with the most medals around his neck. Favorite Superhero “I relate to the Hulk because I have always had lots of energy. When I am competing, I feel I must keep pushing, no matter what happens or what obstacles stand in the way. I must find a way to persevere. With the wounds, illnesses, and injuries I have suffered from service in the Air Force, I have had to find a way to adapt, overcome and keep moving forward.”

Super Strength “I am an extremely hard worker, I am dedicated, I have determination, grit and I am always willing to do whatever it takes. I was once told by a former retired major that I was one of the most trusted people who ever worked for him. He said, ‘I trust Smitty with my life.’ That meant a lot to me. People can count on to be there for them no matter what.”

Kryptonite “Being short tempered and not having much patience has been a life-long challenge for me.”

Save the Day “During my active duty days, I always had fellow co-workers coming to me with struggles or concerns — duty-related or personal. I sometimes wondered why they would always come to me, but I think it was because they respected me. It meant a lot to me to be able to help and mentor them.”



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