Age 17

City Springville

Last year, this high school senior founded Your Tribe Clothing with his father, Jorge, to “give people a way to break their silence and the stigma within suicide and other difficult topics,” Kaden says. The words on Your Tribe products replace the letter “I” with a semicolon, symbolizing the need to pause, empathize and support — like “Warr;or” “St;gma” and “Heal;ng.” The symbolic shirts, sweatshirts and hats are sold online. Your Tribe has partnered with the QPR institute, so for each 100 pieces sold, QPR will provide suicide prevention training at a public school.

Favorite Superhero “Batman. He’s a superhero without superhero powers.”

Super Strength “Being easy going and understanding. I have a way with words when it comes to helping people with their struggles.”

Kryptonite “Definitely negativity. I know it isn’t something that is very avoidable in today’s day, but time to time negativity from around me tries to get me down.”

Heroic “I look up to how hard my parents both work and how unbelievably selfless they are. I look up to how they have been able to overcome struggles and how strong they’ve become through that.”

Save the Day “I don’t think I’ve ever really saved the day, but I’m always an ear to listen to the struggles of those I’m close to, and I feel like a hero when I can help them through things.”

Desired Super Power “I want to be able to fly.”

Secret Identity “I do tramp and tumbling, but lots of people know that and think it’s kinda cool. It’s my not-so-secret identity.”


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