2019 Fab 40: Kim Johnson


City Lindon

BYU Pathway Worldwide educates 40,000 students, and Kim is the area manager for 20 percent of those learners as she oversees the Utah area. Of the 12 area managers in the world, she is the only female. Kim’s passion, which lines up with BYU Pathway’s mission perfectly, is to take education to underserved women of the world who will educate their children and then communities will change. Her career path has included 17 years at University of Phoenix and also a leadership role in the Self Reliance Department for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But her favorite title is “professional aunt” who takes her lucky nieces and nephews to Disneyland on the regular.

Favorite Superhero “The Incredibles. Each person recognizes their strengths and refines them. That is when change can be made. That’s what I love about BYU Pathway Worldwide. We provide higher education wherever the Church is organized around the world. We start by preparing students through life-skills development and English-language learning. We help them find their superpowers.”

Heroic “My 100-year-old grandmother taught in one-room schoolhouses. Recently we found her cleaning out her raingutters. She’s overcome life’s challenges and is a giver.”

Saved the Day “When someone needs something, they call me. I bring strategy to circumstances.”

Secret Identity “I collect vintage valentines. Some of them were written 100 years ago and have great meaning. I find them in antique stores and now people find them for me to add to my collection.”

Desired Super Power “To stop time to either prevent something or change something. I would also like to influence conference rooms and empower women to bless the world with their values and voices.”



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