Age 38

City Lehi

Nurse-turned-entrepreneur, Kirsten invented the Infant Brace out of mesh and necessity when her daughter was born with a broken collar bone. Seeing how well it helped her baby, Kirsten made the option available for other parents in a similar situation. “Doing something for others that they can’t do for themselves is what keeps me going,” she says. “It’s what drew me to nursing and what makes me feel like I should keep pushing through all the difficulties we keep running into. I want to make this happen for all the babies and families who need the Infant Brace.”

Favorite Superhero “My favorite superhero is Elastigirl from ‘The Incredibles’ because she has a great moral compass and juggles being a busy wife and mom with kicking butt and saving the world.”

Kryptonite “I sometimes doubt myself and my capabilities. Whenever I feel that way, I tell myself to focus on the task at hand. If we focus on putting one foot in front of the other instead of the impossibility of the climb, we suddenly find that when we stop to look back, we have climbed our mountain.”

Save the Day “One of my most memorable moments as a nurse was giving away a prototype of the infant brace last year to a patient I was taking care of. Her baby had a broken clavicle and was having breastfeeding difficulties and was about to be put under bili lights. I asked if she wanted one of our prototype braces and she said yes. When I showed her how to put it on her baby, she cried and hugged me, and I cried, too. I remembered feeling so helpless and frustrated myself. I was so grateful I had something to give this woman and that it made a difference to her.”

Secret Identity “One of my favorite things is to curl up by myself with some hot chocolate and a great book. I am an introverted bookworm.”



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