Age 28

City Provo

As the owner and chef of Utah’s finest cuisines, Kyler spices up the lives of locals. Kyler dedicated himself to the craft by studying at The Culinary Institute of America in New York and Napa Valley. Then, he cultivated his passion at Stein Eriksen Lodge where he learned from talented Utah chefs Chef Zane Holmquist and Johnny Miller. At age 25, he opened his first restaurant. Food lovers enjoy Kyler’s masterpieces at Good Thyme, La Jolla Groves, Marley’s Gourmet Sliders and Roll With It Creamery. Kyler believes phenomenal food and service go hand in hand, making his superpower extraordinary cooking blended with wonderful hospitality.

Favorite Superhero “Mr. Incredible — it’s one thing to save the world but doing it with your three kids strapped to you is no joke. You gotta love a guy who turns saving the world into a family affair.”

Kryptonite “I used to avoid tough conversations, but I’ve learned to take them head. When something pops up, I make myself go straight to it and nail it on the head — otherwise I dread it for days.”

Heroic “My dad did life right and retired young to spend time with me and my 11 siblings. He taught us how to work hard and play even harder. I also look up to my grandpa. He showed me how an amazing meal can change someone’s day. When people talk about him, they focus on the amazing food he made for them.”

Save the Day “We save the day by providing amazing food paired with an amazing experience. We believe friends become family at the dinner table and that’s what we try to instill in our brands.”

Secret Identity “My brothers Keaton and Nico tease me that I’m a ‘healer.’ I hate it when people aren’t happy. That may not be very cool though, so let’s tell people that I’m secretly hilarious!”


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