2019 Fab 40: Neylan McBaine


Age 42

City Holladay + New York City

Neylan is a tale of two cities and a million milestones. She grew up on the upper west side of Manhattan as the only child of a Metropolitan Opera singer. Now she’s raising three daughters in Utah as she juggles her roles as co-founder of Better Days 2020, founder of the Mormon Women Project, author of “Women at Church” and a veteran of digital marketing in Silicon Valley and Silicon Slopes. She’s worked at the largest retailer in the world and at the tiniest startup. She is a go-to thought leader on women’s leadership — both past and present — and shares her views on podcasts, TedX speeches, online and in person.

Favorite Superhero “Emmeline Wells overcame amazing odds and had an incredible sense of ambition. Even though she was in the middle of the Utah desert away from her New England roots, she was the most famous woman in Utah at the time of her death. She was visited by presidents and dignitaries from around the world.”

Heroic “Ruth Todd gave me my first big break in 2012 when she recommended me to speak at the Fair Mormon Conference. More than 200,000 viewed my speech.”

Save the Day “For working moms, getting dinner on the table is saving the day. I’m grateful I’m in a position that I can run gym clothes to school, the cello, the homework. I also helped save the day at BrainChase, an educational technology company I worked for that ran into glitches turning on a global scavenger hunt.”

Sidekick “Our Better Days 2020 team works virtually, and every team member is incredibly proactive and responsible as we work to commemorate Utah’s place in the history of women’s suffrage.”

Secret Identity “I’m an obsessive anglophile. I watch British period television all the time. I would also love to run away to a hilltop in Italy and write about opera.”



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