2019 Fab 40: Hailey Devine


Age 28

City Sandy

This filmmaker started as an 8-year-old, swiping her mom’s video camera to create short story and stop motion videos to document her elementary-age life. By the time she was 19, she was among the top five most requested wedding and lifestyle videographers in Utah Valley. In 2012, Hailey began the blog “Somewhere Devine” with her husband, Bradley. They launched their YouTube channel two years later and grew to 30K subscribers virtually overnight. Hailey and her high school sweetheart are airplane-traveling, Disneyland-obsessing, simple-moments-loving parents of two daughters, Lucy and Greta. Last year they traveled to NYC for an interview with Forbes Impact about their service-centered trips where they invite their followers to join them, called Somewhere Devine Expeditions. Hailey’s wildly popular Instagram profile — where she shares real-life moments and everyday adventures — also earned her a finalist spot at the Sego Awards in the category of Social Media Influencer.

Super Strength “I can walk into a room of strangers and walk out with them as friends! I am very outgoing and love to start conversations with anyone and everyone.”

Kryptonite “A lot of people in the ‘Influencer’ space have pretty tough skin, but I do not! I have a hard time not taking hurtful comments to heart.”

Heroic “Mr. Rogers and Walt Disney!”

Desired Super Power “To teleport! I would do anything to escape a 12-hour flight with toddlers!”

Sidekick “My husband, Brad! He’s my best partner in crime.”

Secret Identity “I have endless embarrassing stories, and my favorite place in the world is Disneyland!”



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