2019 Fab 40: Justin Williams


Age 33

City Cedar Hills

When he was pint-sized, Justin loved making ice cream. In November 2015 Justin and his wife, Summer, made his sweet dream into a storefront reality in Downtown Provo in the form of Rockwell Ice Cream Co. In 2017, they traveled to Pittsburgh for Klavons Ice Cream Competition and won first place for most unique ice cream and second place overall. “Above all though, nothing can top being a dad. It’s the best!” he says.

Favorite Superhero “The Incredible Hulk. He is flawed, but he is still a superhero. He is relatable.”

Super Strength “I am determined and dedicated to succeed. I will study, research and practice consistently to learn, grow and make things the best. I always want to be better.”

Kryptonite “I have a hard time with letting people down or disappointing them. I really stew on things if I get a complaint or if everything is not just right for the customer.”

Heroic “I look up to my dad, for sure. He is always an example to me of a hard worker and someone who chooses to persevere.”

Desired Super Power “Super speed. It would be awesome to be super fast and do things super fast.”

Sidekick “Definitely my wife, Summer. She has been there with me every step of the way. I call her all the time with the good news and the bad news. She is my best friend and best business partner. She makes Rockwell what it is.”

Secret Identity “I can do different voices, accents and impressions pretty well and I’ll create my own characters, too. I have a character we like to call Micky. He’s a gangsta character from Boston. I just do it around my family and we laugh and have fun.”



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