2019 Fab 40: Marilee Killpack


Age 30

City Provo

While growing up, Marilee spent her summers dancing at Juilliard and her daydreams owning her own business. In 2014, she took a page out of her dreams and started a business with her husband, Devin, and business partner, Jessica Eraso. Gathre is a busy-mom-inspired leather-goods company that sells playmats and yoga mats. Marilee’s company started with a $78,000-successful Kickstarter campaign and has grown to become a multimillion dollar venture. “The biggest accomplishment of my life, by far and wide, will forever be mothering our four wonderful children,” she says.

Favorite Superhero “All women because they are superhuman. Our team is 90 percent female (my husband, Devin, was the solo dude until six months ago), and our women inspire me every day with their capacities and gifts. Women can do things in an unparalleled way.”

Super Strength “I can easily see the good in others. I am pretty sensitive and feel all the feels. I also think I have an eye for beautiful things — the dance training helped with that.”

Kryptonite “I am a night owl and love staying up late. My husband is an early bird, so I’m learning to just close the laptop and be OK with whatever got done. I can easily work too much, which is good for startup life but not good for balance so I’m learning to prioritize.”

Desired Super Power “I would choose the gift of perfect love. It’s something I’m always chasing after but not very good at. If we could all love a little more perfectly, it would solve all the world’s problems.”

Sidekick “My husband. We work, parent and do life side by side already, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”




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