2019 Fab 40: Monica Moore Smith


Age 21

City Lindon

When this Florida-bred actress was young, her dream was to own a dojo. When her older sister introduced her to theater and the arts, those dojo dreams changed to her name in bright lights. Onstage led to film, and now Monica is part of the growing Utah film community. She’s recently done projects for BYUtv (titles to be announced in the future), an anti-bullying video for the LDS Church and, most noteworthy, she played Julie Flinders in “Saturday’s Warrior.” Monica’s next appearance on the silver screen will be in “Twice a Dream” this April.

Favorite Superhero “I love Disney’s new ‘Cinderella.’ It’s powerful when she decides to forgive her step-mother. Kicking butt is cool, but real power comes from having humility.”

Super Strength “My stubbornness. People typically see being stubborn as a bad thing, but when it comes to peer pressure, it’s not. Being homeschooled, I’ve always been asked why I do things.”

Save the Day “Years ago, I had this feeling to go find my brother. He had six loaves of bread in his hands in the kitchen. So I felt like I should go check the freezer, and the cat was in there. The cat was OK. He was just chilling.”

Desired Super Power “The ability to eat junk food I and still get the nutrients of carrots. Or if I could just apparate places. I spend a lot of money on gas because my job is in a different place every day. So I’d save a lot of money if I could just appear on set.”

Sidekick “My husband, Justin. We met over Tinder. Not only is he my first Valentine, first boyfriend, first everything — because I was very picky about dating — he is the perfect person for me.”

Secret Identity “I’m very happy-go-lucky, but I’m not afraid of deep discussions.”



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