2019 Fab 40: Sarah Tyau


Age 35

City Provo

Sarah’s hobby of updating her wardrobe on a budget turned into a viral business on YouTube, Instagram, and her fashion/mommy blog called Life is Beautiful. Sarah takes outdated or big clothes and refashions them into stylish pieces for herself and her two daughters (like the orange dress in the photo). Sarah’s DIY trends have appeared in People Magazine, CNN, Yahoo and Business Insider. In 2017 CVX Live named her Next Big YouTuber, and in 2018 she was a finalist at the Sego Awards. “I feel God helps me to fast track my success and helps me to achieve my goals,” she says.

Super Strength “I have a high level of empathy and an innate desire to help others. I’m a good listener and I’m able to give good advice. I have a determination and motivation to constantly work on myself to improve. I have super thick skin, so I can share my heart, vulnerability and honesty on my social media platforms.”

Kryptonite “Going to bed way too late. As an introvert, I value my alone time but don’t get it until the kids are in bed. Then the next day I am a tired mama. My kids don’t see the best version of me because I am tired most of the time.”

Save the Day “I received a message on Instagram from a young mother struggling with postpartum depression who had been contemplating suicide. She told me that after reading my post about how hard I found motherhood to be, but the beautiful life lessons I’ve learned from it, she couldn’t stop crying all day and felt new hope and a determination to keep going. I messaged her back but never heard from her again. I still think about her and pray for her.”

Secret Identity “My husband says I’m low maintenance and can go out to a restaurant on a whim in sweats and no make-up. It takes me 1 minute to put on my makeup, and I don’t spend a lot of money or time on how I look.”



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