2019 Fab 40: Reva Cook


Age 47

City American Fork

Through working five years as an ER crisis worker specializing in anxiety, depression and maternal mental health, Reva noticed the limited mental health resources available for pregnant and postpartum mothers. Mission accepted. She became a member of The Healing Group and helped open their Utah County office last year, which facilitates a free weekly postpartum support group. Reva also sits on the board of directors of the Food and Care Coalition. She appears regularly on KSL and also spoke on Birds and Bees podcast where she advised on body positivity.

Favorite Superhero “Tony Stark/Iron Man. He is imperfect and he’s OK with that. He’s also snarky and sarcastic — two conversational styles I appreciate.”

Super Strength “I am really good at listening and synthesizing information. I’m not good at knowing all the answers, but I’m excellent at asking questions that help people discover their own answers. It is easy for me to accept and appreciate people just how they are. I see value and strengths in every person.”

Heroic “My clients are women of incredible strength, resilience and courage. It is hard to admit you need help. It takes being brave and vulnerable when you feel like doing anything but that. I witness intelligence, growth, insight and change.”

Desired Super Power “Being able to eliminate mental illness with a look. Or a snap of my fingers because that would be more dramatic.”

Sidekick “My sister Jill. We end up in all kinds of adventures by accident — like the time where we got ourselves locked in the stairwell at KSL with no way out.”

Secret Identity “I have a passion for stupid jokes. My goal is to make my teenagers roll their eyes at least once a day.”



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