Utah home design is trending toward functional modern designs


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Almost every homeowner — and designer and builder — starts with a beauty advantage in the Beehive state.

   Towering mountain peaks, gorgeous water and four distinct seasons means Mother Nature is on point within Utah’s borders.

   “Our outdoor environment in Utah allows us flexibility in design,” says Jalin Anderson, owner and designer with Creations West in Clearfield.

Traditionally Modern

   This flexibility means there’s a chance to customize to meet the individual needs and tastes of the family.

   However, despite the individuality of home design, Jalin is seeing a happy marriage that blends a traditional with modern sensibilities.

   “It fits Utah, as we are a traditional place, but we are also open to new ideas and creative solutions,” Jalin says. “By combining both, we are able to keep our traditional roots while creating unique living spaces that are open and flowing with light and family energy.”

   A modern look relies on open, flexible spaces that maximize lot size and efficiency.

   “We like to understand the lot and the surrounding land,” Jalin says. “We can then determine how the home will be used, what the family wants in a space, and how it can interact with the land around it.”

International Flavor

   Jalin has lived and worked in a number of countries and brings a multi-cultural mind to his designs.

   “I am globally minded, open to new ideas, suggestions and creativity from my clients,” he says. “We have a friendly, open, professional environment to design your dream home. We also have a wide range of experiences that make finding solutions easy and fun.”

Team First

   Creations West prides itself on working well with builders, developers and clients to find an end result that is efficient to build, gorgeous to look at and easy to live in.

   “We work with many different builders and developers in designing custom homes, homes designed for a specific lot and homes designed for a desired market. We focus on creative solutions that make sense for all involved.”

The Perfect Fit

   No matter the flavor, Jalin and his team spend time making sure a home has the personality of its owners.

   “A custom home is an extension of a family and can help create an atmosphere for the family living in that home,” he says.

Home Tip: Consider the lot carefully. Lots tend to be smaller than they once were, so make sure the land will allow for a house that will do what your family needs it to do. Then, get a home plan that maximizes the piece of land, views and conditions.
Greg Bennett

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