Top Realty Pro: Peggy Case & Marcus Case


Peggy Case = (801) 310-6805
Marcus Case = (801) 234-9014

Peggy Case is a tough mother.

   That’s one of the reasons her son, Marcus, joined in her passion as a real estate agent.

   “She has the motherly vibe for her clients,” Marcus says. “She works for them. She’s direct with her opinions and she’s loyal to their best interests. Those characteristics are what make her a great mother and a great real estate agent.”

   They are also traits she’s trying to pass on to Marcus, as he takes his one-year-old business to the next level.

   Her dream to help others in home ownership began nearly 20 years ago, when she started taking classes to earn her real estate license but had to stop after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

   Perhaps making up for lost time, Peggy hit the ground running when she earned her license in 2015 and quickly became a top earner in her brokerage.

   “I’m confident and direct,” Peggy says. “I know what I’m doing and I fight for what’s best for my clients. I will also be direct with them about a property — good or bad — and will always be honest with them.”

   Marcus earned his license last spring and has already shown some of the same skills his mother has — and he continues to learn from her all the time.

   “I have a great connection with young buyers and understand their point of view, which gives me an advantage,” Marcus says. “Plus, I can call on Peggy’s experience to give me confidence.”

   This maternal intuition — or expertise — benefits all parties and shows Peggy’s dedication to doing the right thing.

   “My son connects with the Millennials, but I can also give the mom approval that comes from experience.”

   Both Peggy and Marcus work hard to ensure a good fit between them and their clients. This trust enables both sides to speak freely and work toward common goals. Like mother, like son.

Greg Bennett

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