Three tips to finding a perfect color scheme from the pros at Gatehouse no. 1


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   A classic bright white room is the ideal canvas to build your dream home color scheme, but it can also be intimidating to get started. Gatehouse no.1 gives tips to adding color to your white space and creating the perfect palette to transform your house into a home.

1. You Make Me Blush

   Pink continues to be a favorite color to include in any palette. It adds a touch of feminine to gray, caramel, navy and other color favorites.

   “We are currently loving rich clay pinks and rose golds,” says Joelle Nelson senior designer at Gatehouse no.1. “We call them ‘dusty brights,’ slightly subdued hues that occur in nature. Try adding accents of blush in florals and accessories more than once so your visual spaces cohesively flows.”

2. Natural Neutrals

   When working with a new color palette, it’s helpful to include some powerhouse neutrals. Neutrals, by nature, aren’t easily categorized into specific colors, making them a good supporting role to the main event.

   “Woods and mixed metals are a great way to incorporate neutrals to your palette,” says Stephanie Holdaway, owner of Gatehouse no.1. “They elevate your color scheme. Greens in nature also read as neutrals, so including plants in your space will add a fresh look without color compromise.”

3. Let’s Talk Texture

   Once you’ve found a color palette you love, drive the scheme home with texture. Finding textures in your chosen hues will add depth and interest to any space.

   “It’s a new age for animal print,” Stephanie says. “We love the soft and subtle texture a neutral animal print or leather accent can add. It’s all about mixing it up and trying something new. Doing this in the safety of your color palette will help your design come together with ease.”

Home Tip: Want to really make your home blossom? Add fresh (or our favorite: faux) florals to a space for an instant pop of color. Mix your arrangements out season-to-season to keep the look fresh while introducing new hues to your home.
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