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   After a long career as a full-time professional Realtor, Bill Freeze still finds it satisfying to help people realize their new home dreams. Last year, his long-time friends Dallas and Janice Groo called wanting to discuss the sale of the family home. They lived in an older, farm-style home off of Geneva Road for the past 51 years.

   They had raised their three kids there, while Dallas worked at the post office and Janice sold chocolate at a retail store. There were concerns about whether the home would appraise for the price they wanted in its older condition. Also, could it pass inspection?

   These genuine issues coupled with the daunting task of how quickly they could move 50 years worth of stuff.

   The big three problems in real estate loomed large — pricing, financing and timing. To their surprise, Bill found a cash buyer at their asking price, with no appraisal or inspection needed.

   Plus, Bill negotiated a special cost-free two-month lease, which allowed them plenty of time to move.

   The uniqueness of the transaction continued when Bill found them a well-priced, older brick home in the heart of Lindon — a home surrounded by million-dollar homes.

   Bill found out that the couple had lived in the home’s basement as newlyweds in 1964. This gem of a home was placed under contract and the closing on the two properties went smoothly.

   Dallas and Janice have made a nice transition. The interior of the house has new paint, carpet, lighting and furniture — and family and friends enjoy visiting them at their cozy home.

   They have thanked Bill for how smoothly things went and both agree that after 50 years, “It’s great to be home again.”

   If you’re thinking about selling or buying a home, Bill is ready to help.

   As Bill is known for saying, “For service that is sure to please, get on the phone and call Bill Freeze.”

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