With sweeping views and natural light, scenic door offer a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.


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   Unlike traditional patio doors that are limited to one or two moving panels, scenic doors can span the entire length of a wall and fold or slide out of the way to open up to the outdoors.

   “Not only do you have big, panoramic views when the doors are closed, but then you slide them open and you suddenly have this big expansive opening to fresh air, light and space,” says Gary Jones, residential glass sales manager for Jones Paint & Glass.

   Scenic doors make the party even better.

   “It’s becoming a must-have for people who like to entertain,” says Gary. “It makes the most of both interior spaces and exterior spaces by seamlessly flowing the two together. If your gatherings naturally spill out into the patio or backyard area, opening up those scenic glass doors connects the spaces and establishes a more natural flow.”

   While scenic doors are a derivative of traditional French doors, the bifold and sliding technology wasn’t developed until around 1998 in Australia. These doors later made their way to the United Kingdom and North America where they’re becoming increasingly popular in remodels as well as new constructions.

   Scenic doors are offered in pocket construction where they disappear into a wall, stacked panels where they stack into a door frame, or bifold where they fold into each other like an accordion.

   These doors are available in several colors and styles and can span spaces as large as 55 feet wide and 10 to 12 feet high.

   The most recent development is frameless scenic doors that offer similar construction without frames dividing and obscuring the view.

   “The technology for scenic doors is great,” says Gary. “We’re seeing high-quality doors with smooth, easy operation and energy efficiency. Our manufacturers are working hard to offer the best, most beautiful, and most reliable scenic doors in the industry.”

Home Tip: Be flexible and creative when shopping for scenic doors. It can sometimes be (surprisingly) less expensive to build out your opening to fit the door instead of trying to retrofit the door to the exact size of the existing opening. Being willing to make adjustments can mean a more perfect door at a better price.
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