Dr. Craig Chappell is triple board certified and the only physician in Utah performing a fully guided carpal tunnel release using the SX-One MicroKnife.

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Natalie, a busy Utah school teacher and mother to young children, was not immediately alarmed when she felt slight tingling, pain and numbness in her thumb. However, as her symptoms became more persistent and began spreading into her hand and arm, medical treatment was required. This is because Natalie, like 12 million other Americans, was suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

This condition occurs when one of the major nerves in the hand — the median nerve — is compressed as it travels from the arm and through the carpal tunnel of the wrist to the hand. The median nerve controls movement and feeling in the thumb and feeling in the first three fingers.

Carpal tunnel syndrome has been called an “overuse injury” because it can be caused by repetitive, oftentimes work-related, movements such as consistent wrist flexion/extension or regular exposure to vibration. Other factors that can increase the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome include gender and related health conditions. Women, especially those experiencing pregnancy or menopause, are more likely than men to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Additionally, conditions such as diabetes and excessive weight have both been linked to a higher risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Natalie now faced an unpleasant choice: to either live with her pain or to pursue carpal tunnel surgery. Although 500,000 carpal tunnel surgeries are performed every year, many more people live in pain because the options for treatment have been so limited. With her many responsibilities, Natalie did not have time for the 2 to 6-week (or longer) recovery that comes with a traditional carpal tunnel release.

Her available options and outlook changed, however, when she visited Craig Chappell D.O., physician and owner at  In2it Medical. This triple board certified physician is the only provider in Utah trained in an innovative carpal tunnel procedure that results in patients recovering up to five times faster than those who receive treatment using other methods.

What Makes This New Technique Innovative?

For years, open and endoscopic carpal tunnel release has been the go-to surgical treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. Although effective, it may result in a large and sometimes painful scar. The surgery usually takes place in a costly surgical center or hospital and may require anesthesia.

Now, there is an in-office, minimally invasive alternative available. The new, ultra-low profile SX-One MicroKnife is an innovative surgical device that enables Micro-invasive Carpal Tunnel Release through a single micro-incision. The entire procedure is performed under ultrasound guidance, as opposed to a traditional mini-open incision performed without continuous guidance. This added visibility, plus the MicroKnife safety features, protects the surrounding nerves, vessels and tendons, resulting in less trauma to the surgical area. The incision is only 4–5 mm long (five times smaller than a traditional incision) and can be closed with only an adhesive bandage. The procedure can take place in Dr. Chappell’s office at In2it Medical in 30 minutes or less.

Why Choose In2it Medical for Carpal Tunnel Relief?

Not only is Dr. Craig Chappell the only physician in Utah offering this procedure, but he was also among the first doctors in the country to receive specialized training to perform it: “I was teaching a course in Florida and while there, a colleague from Mayo, Jay Smith, introduced me to the Sonex device,” comments Dr. Chappell. “After a discussion, I was invited to participate and work directly with Jay Smith and Darryl Barnes, (the inventors of the SX-One Microknife), in order to learn the technique.”

Dr. Chappell’s expertise and advanced training in sonography (ultrasound) made him the perfect provider to bring this procedure to Utah. He is registered in Musculoskeletal (RMSK) sonography and has his Certificate of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine. Additionally, Dr. Chappell is approaching his 100th carpal tunnel release with the SX-One Microknife. He’s only the 2nd doctor in the country to reach this impressive milestone.

Patients of Dr. Chappell are seeing the benefit of his expertise. Natalie, the previously mentioned patient, chose to receive a carpal tunnel release using the Sonex SX-One MicroKnife and was very happy with the overall results, returning right back to normal life rather than experiencing a long recovery.

Melinda, another patient of Dr. Chappell’s, also shared her experience: “I’ve had multiple treatments done [at In2it Medical] and each one has provided relief after the years of chronic pain. I also had the carpal tunnel release done on both hands and I couldn’t be happier with the easy recovery versus the recoveries with traditional or endoscopic surgeries. Not to mention that having the function restored in my hands has been a life changer. Dr. Chappell is the best doctor for pain relief and truly cares about each patient as a person, not a number.”

“Technology has given us another extremely effective tool for reducing pain and improving quality of life for people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome,” said Dr. Chappell. “The In2it Medical practice is all about eliminating or reducing pain, so we’re pleased to be the first in Utah to be able to offer this new path to relief.”

Are You Ready to Be Pain Free?

Don’t wait another day suffering with pain and limitations when there is relief from carpal tunnel syndrome right here in Utah. Dr. Chappell and the staff at In2it Medical are here to help ease your pain and get you back to work and the activities you love with minimal recovery time.

In2it Medical is located in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Craig Chappell, DO and his team of medical professionals can help with a variety of chronic pain conditions and injuries as well. His expertise allows him to treat everything from hip pain to sports injuries, pregnancy-related back pain and nerve pain. Are you looking for alternatives to surgery and pain medication? His practice has been built on cutting edge ultrasound technology for diagnosis and treatment. His experience in non-surgical orthopedics and regenerative medicine like stem cell therapy and prolotherapy make Dr. Chappell a trusted resource. Learn more at In2itMedical.com.

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