A Great Support System — including an attorney


It has been my experience that no one’s life is trouble-free. No matter how much money you make, who you marry, or how you live your life, unexpected problems and setbacks always occur.

   That’s just life.

   As I look at the experiences of my own family and friends, I’ve realized one of the most important things all of us need amidst troubles is a great support system. Being surrounded by people who care about you and have your back, so to speak, can help make a seemingly insurmountable problem become manageable. A good support system can share your burdens and help you overcome the obstacles in your path, whether great or small.

   This support system is exactly what I found at the law firm of Fillmore Spencer. For several years, I took a break from the legal world and was a stay-at-home mom. I loved it, but after a few surprises and setbacks of our own, my husband and I decided it was time for me to return to the law. Going from playing with the kids to the courtroom was a huge change for me, and I was nervous. I shouldn’t have been, though, because the attorneys and staff at Fillmore Spencer welcomed me with open arms. When I had questions or concerns, everyone bent over backwards to help me. With their support, I didn’t need to worry about jumping back into law. They were with me every step of the way. I didn’t realize it then, but now I know this is just the culture and expectation at Fillmore Spencer.

   Just like they supported me as a returning lawyer, this unbeatable support system is what the attorneys and staff of Fillmore Spencer offer every one of our clients. With excellent legal know-how, integrity and honesty, we are the ones looking out for your best interests. We are rooting for you when the going gets tough, and we never give up on our clients.

   I personally focus on family law and civil litigation. Who knew that the patience gained from raising toddlers or the negotiation skills sharpened by a house full of teenagers would have translated so well into the legal world? The skills I gained outside of the courtroom have definitely made me a more effective counselor and advocate for my clients.

   When you hire me, though, you are also getting a whole team of other attorneys and all of their experiences as well. Everyone at Fillmore Spencer works together to make sure our clients receive the best support and legal representation available. We strive for integrity and excellence in each case. As I learned from my own experience, that is the Fillmore Spencer way.

   If I (or we) can help you, give me a call!

Tiffany de Gala is an Associate at Fillmore Spencer, practicing family law and civil litigation.


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