Sococo: The (Virtual) Office of the Future


We all know Utah is the place to scale a startup or tech venture. But did you know that, thanks to the thriving culture built by Silicon Slopes, Utah is also on the cutting edge of how those businesses work most effectively?

Remote and flexible work are a significant part of the workplace today and are growing. Coworking spaces like Kiln and WeWork are expanding in our state, enabling teams to build their ideas and collaborate, even if they don’t have access to a traditional office or aren’t co-located. Similarly, Teem, a workplace experience and analytics platform recently acquired by WeWork, built its vision here in Utah to connect people, places and technology.

The crossroads of collaboration and connectedness for distributed teams and remote workers is precisely where another company with its largest presence in Utah is focused: Sococo.

Sococo is a virtual office platform where thousands of distributed teams and remote workers come to work each day. Our customers — ranging from small teams and companies of 10 to 20 people up to thousands of distributed colleagues in Fortune 500 companies — are distributed across 40 countries; whether they’re working from an office, home, the road or a co-located space, they collaborate with their teammates in Sococo as if they were working side-by-side in the same physical space.

Working in a Sococo virtual office allows you to work side-by-side with teammates and see them in real time throughout the day, no matter where in the world you are. In Sococo, you can sync up quickly with a teammate by simply knocking on their door and hopping into their room. Turn on your microphone and camera, and you’re instantly collaborating. See who’s available at a glance on the Sococo Map and build relationships as you interact closely and spontaneously with your team. Communicate, collaborate and stay up to date with what’s happening organizationally, all from one virtual office space.

In addition to being the office where distributed teams come to work each day, Sococo enhances employees’ ability to bring work and life into harmony. “Work-life harmony,” a term often used by Jeff Bezos, means aligning responsibilities and goals at work with those at home. It means being able to participate in a brainstorming session while cheering your kids on at a soccer game. It means being digitally present in your organization’s virtual office with teammates who may be located on different continents. And, most of all, it means working wherever you can be the most productive and creative, whether that’s from your desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile device.

Sococo has chosen Provo as the center of gravity for our distributed team because this is the ideal community in which to scale a workplace innovation business. Silicon Slopes has laid the foundation for future-looking companies to both innovate and scale in Utah, and that is exactly what Sococo is doing. With the support of our investors to date, we are continuing to enhance our product offering, drive awareness for prospective customers of the benefits of coming to work in Sococo, and ensure that our customers are raving fans who invite their colleagues and others to also work in their Sococo workspace.

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