Women in Business: Aubrey Bates


Young Living Essential Oils
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   In 2017, the HR Trend Institute shared more than 80 different new titles for the traditional “human resources director”  — with two of the most creative titles being “chief happiness officer” and “ vibe manager & head of all things awesome.”

   The HR field is shifting focus from W2 forms and PTO paperwork to filling the needs of people — which has been a focus at Young Living Essential Oils for more than two decades. The newest member of the Young Living Essential Oils corporate leadership team, Aubrey Bates, is dedicated wholeheartedly to prioritizing people and purpose over profits or products.

   It’s no surprise her official title is “vice president of people.”

   “This allows us to focus on what really matters: uplifting the people who power our business and delivering pure wellness products to people all over the world,” she says. “I plan to continue creating meaningful work for exceptional people with processes and strategies for attracting, retaining and developing top talent at Young Living.”

   When Young Living first reached out to Bates about joining the team, she had no plans of leaving her current position.

   “It didn’t take me long, though, to realize that Young Living’s sustainability efforts (a big part of our signature 5×5 Pledge), our Seed to Seal quality commitment, and reputation as one of the best places to work offered such a unique opportunity that I couldn’t help but want to learn more,” she says.

   Since January, Bates’ days have been filled with being an innovative partner of the executive team, developing strategies to drive and support talent acquisition, succession planning, performance management, training and development, employee relations, culture and engagement, organizational structure, and HR operations.

   “I’m impressed with the company’s ability to maintain its roots, feeling like a small, family-owned company, while successfully operating worldwide as a nearly $2 billion organization,” she says. “That kind of balance is rare and something I appreciate greatly. Everyone here has a name and a purpose, the synergy between teams and colleagues all working toward a greater purpose is something most companies just dream about — yet we do it every day.”

   Bates and Young Living share a let’s-work-together attitude and a deep belief in inclusion and equality. Even at a young age, Bates realized that the side effect of genuinely getting to know another person is finding common ground and learning from each other.

   “I believe that in order for an organization to live up to its full potential, it must embrace diversity and create a culture of inclusion,” she says. “Creativity, professional development, productivity, and far-reaching innovation live outside the boundaries of groupthink. At Young Living, we wholeheartedly embrace diversity across our global locations, and because of that, we’re able to successfully scale at an uncanny level. Statistics show that diverse groups are more productive and happier — isn’t that what business should be about?”

Poised for promise:
   Aubrey Bates’ resume screams “serviced-oriented” and “ready to change the world.” Before joining Young Living Essential Oils in January, Bates worked with a variety of companies and organizations to create constructive, people-focused workplaces — including her time in the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development.
   Along with her current position as Young Living’s vice president of people, Bates serves on the board of advisors for the Women’s Leadership Institute, as vice chair of the Roots Charter High School board and as a partner in the League of Allies.
   “Committing myself to these roles has definitely shaped my passion for supporting inclusivity, diversity and a human focus in the workplace — all of which are already such big priorities at Young Living,”she says.

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