Women in Business: Jeanette Bennett & Briana Stewart


Bennett Communications
424 W 800 N, #201
(801) 802-0200

      Sixteen years ago, the first issue of Utah Valley BusinessQ rolled off the press and into the valley’s offices, with Alan Ashton on the inaugural cover. The new title was designed as a sister publication to Utah Valley Magazine, which was launched by Jeanette and Matt Bennett in 2000.

   A year after BusinessQ started celebrating the valley’s soon-to-be-Slopes economy, a young talented intern — Briana Hallstrom — began writing news briefs and calendar items for the Orem publishing company. A year later, she joined the team as a full-time writer. Three years after that, she got married and became Briana Stewart.

   Pen sisters Bennett and Stewart have now been working side by side for 15 years. They finish each other’s sentences, show up wearing the same outfits, and even drove the same Honda Odyssey for five years.

   “We share a vision for our publications, and I trust her implicitly. Bri is an uber-talented writer and project manager,” Bennett says. “Her headlines and social media posts have a distinct style of sass, positivity and warmth.”

   In 2008, BusinessQ launched the UV50 to name the top 50 businesses in the valley. This year will be the 12th UV50 edition and accompanying gala, where Bennett and Stewart are the theme-tastic hosts. To apply, visit utahvalleybusinessq.com. And mark your calendars for September 26, 2019, for this year’s UV50 gala in the heart of Silicon Slopes at Thanksgiving Point’s Barn.


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