Women in Business: Mary Crafts Price


Culinary Crafts
573 W State St, #A
Pleasant Grove
(801) 225-6575

Culinary Crafts has been a staple of the culinary and business scene in Utah Valley for more than three decades. The face of the company has long been Mary Crafts, who built the company from its early days as she pulled a wagon around the neighborhood with baked goods to help support her three children. She built it to be a 19-time Best of State Winner and the standard for culinary excellence in Utah and beyond.

   In 2018, Mary retired from the day-to-day operations of Culinary Crafts and turned over the apron strings to her two sons, Ryan Crafts and Kaleb Crafts, and her daughter, Meagan Crafts Price. The second generation is carrying on the tradition and leading the transition into the future with creativity, technology and exquisite taste.

   “As the second generation takes over Culinary Crafts, I cannot wait to watch the company grow even more and our family get even closer,” Price says.

   Price has the charm and personality of her mother and is known at Culinary Crafts for adding her signature touch to events and client relationships.

   Price’s unique perspective comes from the depth of experience she has seen in her years with the company. She started in the dish pit and then moved to the bakery. Eventually she moved to events and became one of Culinary’s top on-site chefs.

   She even managed inventory and logistics before moving to the office to become a sales assistant, accounts receivable manager and  HR coordinator. Eventually, as the day of Mary Crafts’ retirement loomed nearer, Mary could think of no one better to take up her mantle of her favorite job at Culinary Crafts — director of marketing.

   “It is the best job I’ve had at Culinary Crafts,” she says. “It is pure creation. I love designing each piece and seeing it come together. It’s truly unique!”

   Price’s priorities — other than running the family business — are her baby son and her husband, Clayton Price. Clayton is also involved in the company and is often called “the best kept secret at Culinary Crafts.” His leadership at events has drawn the attention of hundreds of happy clients.

   The Prices are the family members who live closest to the Culinary Crafts headquarters in Pleasant Grove, which means they keep a close eye on the business and accompanying events.

   Along with her brothers, Price enjoys bringing a sense of class and elegance to events of all types.

   “Creating ways to deliver a consistently delicious meal for groups from 25 to 6,000 is not an easy task,” she says. “But none of that compares to the service with which we ingratiate our guests. There is a saddening lack of hospitality, grace — nobility even — in the world today. I am proud every day to be part of Culinary Crafts’ mission to educate and serve.”


Chip off the block
   Meagan Crafts Price learned the power of women in business by watching her mother, Mary Crafts. Mary’s leadership extends beyond the catering world, and Price appreciates every applicable lesson.
   “I grew up with such a strong female role model in my mother, Mary Crafts,” Price says. “I didn’t realize until I was an adult how much my mom instilled in me the ability to do anything and to become anything.”
   Ironically, her mother’s perspective as a woman was that all members of the team are vital.
   “Because our team includes dozens of strong women, I didn’t realize it was unusual to have women in leadership,” Price says. “My mom taught me to strive to make sure that our team members were good people in the business world. Gender didn’t even play a role.”

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