Alexis Chen
Meridian School
Parents Jui-Mei Cheng & Tse-Hsu Chen

Questions are a running theme through the life of Alexis Chen. Whether in class, his free time or in conversations with friends, Alexis is continually pushing the limits of his knowledge — and imagination — through the advice his father gave him, “Ask more questions and improve more.” Mini-resume 30 ACT, 3.895 GPA, associate degree in science from UVU, international club president, NHS VP and rep for international students, computer science club president, Chinese club founder and president. Senior class vice president, snowboard club, Rotary youth leadership awards, HOPE squad, English as a second language.

Favorite quote Knowledge is power.

Plans after high school Attend an Ivy League school to gain skills and knowledge in computer science and internships at leading tech firms. Get a job that is good enough to support my family and start my own business.

High school happiness Friendly and knowledgeable friends, kind and passionate teachers, strong self-motivation and spirit.

Advice for future self Keep trying and learning and improve from failure. By the way, have confidence and believe in yourself.

Best high school memory Asking peers and teachers limitless amounts of questions for more wisdom, like a little Socrates.

Alexis, how will you change the world? I have a vision that artificial intelligence should be used as augmented intelligence to benefit society at large instead of a few organizations.

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