Caleigh Elise Bybee Kerr — 2019 High Schoolers Who Will Change The World


Caleigh Elise Bybee Kerr
Liahona Prep
Parents Shalane & Jon Kerr

A leader from the start, Caleigh Kerr was elected student body president as a sophomore. After a successful year, she set aside the presidency to give opportunities to others while she ran for vice president and secretary in subsequent years.

Mini-resume Theater, student body president, other student government positions.

Plans after high school BYU, party with family, learn to enjoy productive work and serve a church mission.

Advice for your future self Oh, hun, you must be tender with yourself and be patient with your imperfections. Take 10 seconds of courage and don’t ever forget to involve the Savior in your life every day.

Guilty pleasure Drinking coconut water along with watching YouTube videos of amazing people dancing.

Best high school memory Performing in the Edinburgh Scotland Fringe Festival as King John in Shakespeare’s King John. Memorizing 84 lines is stressful.

Others describe you Obedient, honest, organized, innocent, righteous, awkward, silly, dramatic.

Stress management Grab a friend, parent or my God to cry to and spill out everything on my mind.

Caleigh, how will you change the world? If I’m obedient and diligently act on what God impresses upon me, I’ll have an ability to show others the love He has for them. Love — the Savior’s pure love — changes everything.

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