Esther L. Hammon — 2019 High Schoolers Who Will Change The World


Esther L. Hammon
Walden School of Liberal Arts
Parents Doriann Peck & Milton Hammon

Esther L. Hammon is curious. She’s toured NASA facilities, lived in Spain, explored Ecuador. Oh … and she’s a boxer. So, it’s no wonder she’s not sure exactly how she will change the world. What’s not in doubt is that she will.

Mini-resume Sterling Scholar semi-finalist, Presidential Scholar nominee, Women’s STEM ACCESS scholar, Masters Academy of Art award winner, student government, Rotary Youth Exchange, 4.0 GPA.

Advice for freshman There is nothing to gain from denying what makes you you. Follow your own passions. Pursue the future you want for yourself. Remember, only you can set limitations.

Plans after high school Attend the U of U, major in mechanical engineering, minor in linguistics. Graduate school for a master’s in math education. Potentially, a Ph.D. in still undecided field.

High school happiness Develop a sense of curiosity. It will make high school more thrilling and engaging.

Guilty pleasure My go-to right after school is to eat everything in sight and then waste time watching TED talks or other YouTube videos while I chill with my dog.

Most common thing parents say to you? At the end of every day, my mom asks, “What’s the best part of your day?” She says this to remind me there’s good parts to every day.

Esther, how will you change the world? I would like to create a more efficient future through technology and engineering.


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