Logan Bennett — 2019 High Schoolers Who Will Change The World


Logan Bennett
Payson High School
Parents Kim & Brian Bennett

Whether it’s through his service as student body president, his “Sterling” abilities in skilled and technical science education, or his laps in the pool, Logan Bennett builds the Payson community.

Mini-resume Student body president, captain of the swim team, two-time All-America High School Film Festival finalist, two-time Utah Broadcast award winner, Youth Senate Program, Model UN.

Plans after high school Serve a church mission to Portland, Oregon. Return to be a Snow College Ambassador.

Personal motto Never regret. It’s always an experience.

Advice for future self Don’t let anything hold you back from any dream — and keep saving the environment with a reusable straw.

Guilty pleasure Going to (and I cannot stress this enough) Quick Quack car wash for fun every day.

Challenges It sounds stupid, but it’s a challenge being 5-foot-6 and swimming against boys who are over 6 feet.

No. 1 thing learned in high school In the end, it’s not about the grade. It’s about relationships with teachers and peers.

Others describe you Determined, passionate, confident, spontaneous and spirited.

Stress management Stress only pushes you to do more and do it better.

Logan, how will you change the world? By changing the little things — the people around me — and slowly growing. By being a positive influence on everyone I meet. By dreaming big and not letting anyone or anything stop me.

Greg Bennett

Greg Bennett is an editor and writer with Bennett Communications. His primary responsibilities are with Utah Valley Magazine and the company's custom publications division. He's the father of four children and has been married to his wife, Adria, for 19 years. Contact Greg at greg.utahvalley360@gmail.com.

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