Rachel Andersen — 2019 High Schoolers Who Will Change The World


Rachel Andersen
American Heritage School
Parents Decia & Grant Andersen

Rachel Andersen is focused on good things — seeing the good in others, finding the good in challenges and being a good solution to the world’s problems. She’s driven to become better through setting goals and moving forward diligently until the goal is met. She’s clearly becoming a good adult who will change the world. It’s all good!

Mini-resume 4.0 GPA, 32 ACT, scholarship to BYU, guitar, tennis  team, basketball and choir.

Plans after high school BYU, church mission, marriage, family, humanitarian work.

Personal motto Life is beautiful.

Advice for freshmen Put energy into creating the person you want to be rather than comparing to others. Genuinely loving others is the best way to make friends.

High school happiness Focus on loving God and others instead of focusing on your own flaws. Just be kind. Look for reasons to be grateful. The simplest things can bring joy, if you have eyes to see.

Most common thing parents say to you When will you be home?

Lesson learned in high school Treasure every moment and give 100 percent to everything you choose to do.

Guilty pleasure Ice cream

Others describe you Friendly, happy, consistent, self-motivated, independent, diligent, spontaneous.

Stress management Nature, music and talking with those who love me.

Rachel, how will you change the world? By choosing to see the good, find the good and be the good in the world in simple ways.

Greg Bennett

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