Ethan Rasmussen — 2019 High Schoolers Who Will Change The World


Ethan Rasmussen
Lone Peak High School
Parents Megan Ann & David Rasmussen

Ethan Rasmussen is an anomaly. He’s a gifted high schooler who is most comfortable working outside with his hands. Instead of looking for a career that will keep him cool and comfortable, Ethan hopes to use his mind to find efficient and effective answers to modern challenges facing agriculture.

Mini-resume Sterling Scholar winner in Trade and Technical Sciences, 34 ACT, 3.99 GPA, first place at Utah State University Biotechnology Academy, mountain biker, ballroom dancer, Cedar Hills youth committee.

Plans after high school Church mission, attend USU with presidential scholarship studying animal, dairy and veterinary sciences while minoring in agribusiness.

Guilty pleasure Watching “Last Man Standing”

Best advice you’ve received Always question the status quo. Asking “Why?” is how innovations are made.

Stress management I crave being outside. After a long day, I enjoy playing basketball or going for a longboard ride or just bouncing on the  trampoline with my younger brothers.

Ethan, how will you change the world? Agriculture is one of the foundational American industries, but developing cracks are prime opportunities for new innovations and ideas. As the global population races toward 9 billion, sustainable agriculture is on our minds. I am going to find a way to incorporate everyday agriculture into the life of everyday citizens, making it possible for the backbone of our nation to make its way into backyards.

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