Kenzie Wilkinson — 2019 High Schoolers Who Will Change The World


Kenzie Wilkinson
Salem Hills High School
Parents Heidi & Jeron Wilkinson

In today’s world, it’s uncommon to sew your own clothes. But Kenzie Wilkinson takes it a stitch farther by designing her own patterns for fabric and then turning that fabric into a work of art — coming to a store near you … soon.

Mini-resume Winner of 2018 FCCLA Star event fashion design competition, Sterling Scholar in Family and Consumer Science, student council, 3.9 GPA.

Plans after high school Bachelor’s degree from a Utah university. Master’s degree from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

Advice for freshmen Decide now not to make yourself small. Be the holder of the bow that shoots arrows across the sky.

High school happiness You must love yourself. Understand you are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness and no one is responsible for yours.

Advice to future self You didn’t choose where you came from, but you can surely choose where you’re going. Take steps that lead to Wonderland. Then, don’t be so consumed you forget to help the next one in line.

Stress management Write poetry. Listen to music. Talk to those I trust. First, though, acknowledge the feelings I’m having and remind myself it’s normal to feel them.

Kenzie, how will you change the world? I love meeting new people. It’s exotic. We don’t have to travel to the tropics to taste pina coladas and have the sun warm our souls. Leaving a positive impact on others does just that.

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