Keylla Ortega — 2019 High Schoolers Who Will Change The World


Karl G. Maeser
Preparatory Academy
Parents Zulema & Jose Ortega

Keylla Ortega goes to the library each night to do her homework — free from the distractions of home and friends. This mature habit shows dedication to academics. But she’s not just book smart. She was also a two-year captain of the tennis team, where she helps less experienced players improve. Sounds like a world-changer.

Mini-resume 3.97 GPA, 31 ACT, Service committee chair, Tennis team captain, nursing assistant at Legacy Village.

Plans after high school BYU studying anthropology with a sociocultural emphasis. Church mission. Law school. Eventually be a professor or a judge.

Personal motto Do what you know, learn what you don’t.

Advice for future self Don’t take yourself so seriously. Remember your roots; go listen to some Taylor Swift.

High school happiness Do your best and see the best in others.

Guilty pleasure Leona Lewis, any of the Twilight movies, and The Voice blind auditions compilation videos.

Challenges Feeling emotionally disconnected from others. Empathy has not come easy. However, striving to develop kindness as a habit rather than a destination has led me to incredible people.

Best high school memory Celebrating the New Year with friends in the Czech Republic.

No. 1 thing learned in high school It’s not all about you.

Keylla, how will you change the world? Start working for peace today by connecting people through understanding.

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