Percy Ofa Ki Skyview Toki — 2019 High Schoolers Who Will Change The World


Percy Ofa Ki Skyview Toki
American Fork HIGH School
Parents Felifa Huhane & Alipate Toki

The more things change, the more they … change. Percy Toki moved to Utah from California before his junior year with 3.5 credits toward graduation. The new environment placed him on a path none of his siblings have been on — high school graduate.

Mini-resume President of the Polynesian Cultural Club.

Plans after high school College, church mission. I want to be the second person in my extended family to graduate from college.

Challenges I was a bad kid when I was young. I didn’t know how to deal with emotions. I would just throw fists. Now I know there’s a better way.

Advice for freshmen Go to class. You don’t go to school to hang out with friends. You go to get an education.

Guilty pleasure Naps and video games.

Helping others A special needs student was being bullied, and I reached out to him and now we’re close friends. We even got him to come dance with our Polynesian Cultural Club during an assembly. In the Tongan tradition, we take care of those who need help. He’s amazing!

Best high school memory Meeting my principal the first week of school. I’ve met with him weekly since. He’s been a great mentor.

High school happiness Pass your classes. Have friends who help you achieve your goals.

Percy, how will you change the world? Become a motivational speaker. I want to reach high schoolers — and even younger — to give them a head start in school success.

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