Rachel Ricardez — 2019 High Schoolers Who Will Change The World


Rachel Ricardez
Merit College Prep
Parents Raquel & Raul Ricardez

Rachel Ricardez sees the world through a different lens. She focuses on photography and also loves to help others, which is why she’s zooming in on a life of service.

Mini-resume Co-teacher (with her mother) of religious education, Honor Society, Sterling Scholar (business and marketing) semi-finalist, humanitarian aid volunteer and translator in Guatemala, student government, yearbook.

Plans after high school Pursue my passion toward serving my community through social work — especially working with children.

Personal motto Yeehaw, another plot twist for another adventure!

Advice for freshmen Have purpose behind the things you do. Direction is so much more important than speed. You don’t want to end up nowhere, fast.

Guilty pleasure Driving on the back roads at night with the windows down.

Challenges Learning to be joyful instead of happy. Joy is gladness not based on circumstance. It’s being OK with where I am, because happiness is fleeting.

Most common thing parents say to you Todavía no te has ido a dormir? (You haven’t gone to bed yet?)

Best advice received There is always something you can do about the situation you’re in.

Stress management My favorite way to cope is watch terrible disaster movies with my posse.

Rachel, how will you change the world? I can’t change the world, at least not alone. What I can do is impact it by serving the people around me.

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