Best Hair Stylist, Jill Johnson


   Aside from cutting, coloring, styling and extensions, one of Jill Johnson’s strengths is knowing if someone needs to talk about their troubles or just needs a break.

   “With my personality, I’m really good at feeling vibes,” she says. “I can tell when my clients just want me to listen. Sometimes when I’ve gotten to know them really well, I can share, ‘Hey, have you ever thought about it this way?’”

   Jill began her journey to becoming a hair stylist as a young mom. She attended hair school at the Aveda Institute in Provo when she was married and had two kids.

   “I knew I’d have to work anyways, so I needed to go to school so I could work toward having flexible hours and be a mom,” Jill says.

   She would go to school three days a week and work three days a week at Kneaders Bakery. Of the 30 people who started the program with her, Jill was among the 12 people who finished the program and graduated.

   “Some people think when you go to hair school, you don’t have an education. But we do so much chemistry — and it’s really hard,” she says.

   Now Jill has four kids, has worked at Amara Day Spa, Salon & Boutique for four years and has worked to become a level three hair stylist.

   Despite the frequent 14-hour days with no time to eat or even sit down, Jill doesn’t regret the sacrifices she has made to work with her clients. She’s constantly double booking so she and her assistant can help as many clients as possible. She loves that her clients’ hair covers a variety of genres — reds, darks, blondes. At the end of the day, Jill realizes she’s done a lot more than hair — she’s made people feel heard and beautiful.

   “A lot of us women are insecure,” she says. “I feel like we can change our hair to make us feel better. I love being able to help women feel confident in themselves. I literally have the best clients. I love connecting, getting to know them personally and making them feel better when they leave my chair.”


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