Chef Profiles: Kyler Roney & Nico Niccoli


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   Kyler Roney and Nico Niccoli both grew up in families that spent their lives working with — and eating — great food.

   Kyler’s first job as a 15-year-old was working for the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company, which hooked him on the process of making great food that brings people together.

   “I’ve worked in every area of the kitchen — from dishwasher to chef,” Kyler says. “Even though I spend more time working with our team and clients and less time in the kitchen, I can still cook circles around the best of them.”

   Nico also knew early on that feeding people was his passion. As the son of a restaurateur and youngest of five sons who all grew up around the kitchen, his strong Italian heritage revolves around food.

   “I love that food always brings people together,” Nico says. “For me, making that my profession was a no-brainer.”

   Another no-brainer is that this pair, along with other partners, would join forces and produce some of the most-beloved food brands in Utah Valley.

   In eight years, FIFTYTHREE Catering has become trusted with events of all shapes and sizes. High-quality food, presented beautifully and efficiently means local partners can relax and enjoy the day.

   When the event calls for a big-city dining experience in the convenience of The Shops at the Riverwoods in Provo, La Jolla Groves is the perfect spot. The restaurant transports visitors to the Isle of Capri in Italy, where lemon trees surround dining tables. Good food makes every day better.

   If you like food on the healthier side of the menu, Good Thyme Eatery in historic downtown Provo is the right order. For those who prefer their food quick and easy, but still made with the best ingredients, Marley’s Gourmet Sliders has been popular for years.

   “In all of our businesses and locations, we focus on quality,” Kyler says. “We are big believers that if we pay more to have higher quality food and serve better products, our customers will continue to come back and enjoy our restaurants.”

   Plus, as natives of Utah Valley, Kyler and Nico also take pride in finding their place in the local community and supporting other businesses.

   “We grew up here and we are raising our families here,” Nico says. “We try hard to use local suppliers and build on the amazing people around us.”

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