40 Under 40: Aaron Wilkinson


Company: Wilkinsons Trophy
Title: Owner
Age: 36
City: Provo

CAREER ANTHEM “James Bond 007 Theme Song”

LINER NOTES Aaron Wilkinson has some serious name recognition. After graduating from BYU in accounting and receiving a master’s in accounting from SUU, he spent the next several years working as an auditor for Deloitte & Touche. But with a hope to see his family more and a desire to move on from “the uplifting work of auditing casinos,” Wilkinson purchased the family trophy business and now runs one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of the recognition industry in Utah.

FAVORITE MUSIC GENRE Blue Grass. “Mandolin + Banjo = True Love.”

FAVORITE LYRIC “I love you and don’t you forget it.” — Perry Como

CAREER HIGH NOTE “Right now! I love the team I work with and the direction the company is going.”

CAREER LOW NOTE “Closing down a company I started. Even though it was a great learning experience, it’s hard to face failure.”

MUSIC TO YOUR EARS “Have thick skin, as there are always things in business that will get you down.”

PITCHY ADVICE “Worst advice I ever got was about taking risks. Someone once told me, ‘You should make a big move in business when it scares you.’ There will always be fear when making significant business decisions, but you should also do your homework so you don’t feel as scared.”

BEAT TO MY OWN DRUM “I’m a plant-eating, tree-hugging, earth-loving, fiscally-conservative environmentalist.”

MY FORTE “People.”

DREAM RECORD “Hands down I want every Friday off. More climbing, biking and skiing!”


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