40 Under 40: Alison Faulkner


Company: The Alison Show + Alison’s Brand School
Title: CEO
Age: 35
City: Provo

CAREER ANTHEM “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips

LINER NOTES Alison Faulkner is a walking soundtrack. She dances, she teaches, she sparkles, she speaks to thousands, she podcasts (and is a top 100 podcaster), she works with Fortune 500 companies, and she’s a branding genius. Eye of the tiger, this one. Dream of the fight.

FAVORITE MUSIC GENRE Hip Hop from the ‘90s + ‘00s

FAVORITE LYRIC “You’re a big fine woman when you back that thang up.” — “Back that Thang Up” by Juvenile

CAREER HIGH NOTE “Running through audiences all over the country of Awesome with Alison LIVE podcast attendees, dressed up in sequined airplane wings. It was our ‘Super Duper FLY’ podcast tour, so this was obviously necessary. At the end of the show I lead a sing-a-long to Macklemore’s ‘Glorious.’ It was GLORIOUS.”

CAREER LOW NOTE “Every time I compare my entrepreneurial journey to those around me.”

BEATING TO MY DRUM “I refuse to believe I can’t be wildly successful unless I ‘hustle’ in a certain way. It gets harder to stay true to you the further along you get, surprisingly. But I’ve gotten this far doing what I do, and I feel GOOD.”

MY FORTE “I’m an events and experience genius. So I’m good in person. I like to say: I don’t do events, I do energy.”

DREAM RECORD “A life filled with teaching, learning, writing, listening, nonsense dancing, sharing and looking into the eyes of the people I get to work with and feeling that LOVE! I also dream of multiple New York Times bestsellers, which I better get started on because I’m only half-way through writing my first book!”


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