40 Under 40: Cameron Tanner


Company: SageCreek Partners
Title: Principal
Age: 33
City: Lehi

CAREER ANTHEM “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC

LINER NOTES Nothing ventured, nothing gained. After studying Economics at BYU, Cameron Tanner has made a name for himself both inside the venture capital world (SageCreek Partners, Clarke Capital Partners, Crewe Capital) and outside of it (former Chief of Staff at Vivint Solar). He has worked with and learned from local living legends like Greg Butterfield, James Clarke and Todd Pedersen — and is no doubt on his way to becoming one himself.

FAVORITE MUSIC GENRE OneRepublic (“It’s a genre in my mind.”)

FAVORITE LYRIC “Dream on!” by AeroSmith

CAREER HIGH NOTE “Right now feels like a high point — being mentored by Greg Butterfield and working with people who inspire me to be a better person and make the world a better place. The other high note was watching Gary Crittenden successfully navigate the largest banking institution in the world through the financial crisis.”

CAREER LOW NOTE “Watching any deal fall through.”

MUSIC TO YOUR EARS “The best advice I’ve ever heard is this: ‘As you strive to do God’s will, God can and will make a business or any enterprise you engage in an instrument for good.’ – Robert Gay.”

BEAT TO MY OWN DRUM “Every decision is basic economics to me. Cost/benefit analysis. That tends to make me question ‘traditional’ career paths.”

MY FORTE “Getting two sides to come together for a mutually beneficial relationship.”

DREAM RECORD ”Can’t beat who I get to work with on a daily basis, so my career feels like a dream.”


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