Company: Nu Skin Enterprises
Title: VP Sales Latin America
Age: 31
City: Provo

CAREER ANTHEM “Dale Don Dale” by Don Omar (Translation: Go, Don, Go)

LINER NOTES Don Lovelace is on the go — no doubt about that. This sales superstar has been with the $2-billion Nu Skin for more than a decade and has excelled in various roles including director of U.S. sales and VP of sales Latin America. In fact, he was instrumental in helping the company triple its sales in Latin America, making it a top growth region. Dale, Don, Dale!

FAVORITE MUSIC GENRE Latin + Singer/songwriter

FAVORITE LYRIC “There’s nothin’ in the world so sad as talking to a man who never knew his life was his for making.” — “Old For Your Time” by Ray LaMontagne.

CAREER HIGH NOTE “We planned an incentive trip to South Africa for our sales leaders from Latin America. Just one year prior, we had 30 accounts qualify for the trip. Due to our explosive growth in Latin America, more than 400 accounts qualified! Many had never been on a plane before, and now they were traveling to a five-star resort on another continent. It was meaningful to see so many people achieve their goals and feel like my team and I played a role in that process.”

CAREER LOW NOTE “My first three years at Nu Skin I worked 40-plus hours a week while also finishing my degree as a full-time student. I learned a lot about prioritizing and time management, but I am glad those days are behind me.”

PITCHY ADVICE “The worst advice? Fake it until you make it. It is OK to ask questions and be vulnerable. That is how learning and growth can take place.”

BEATING TO MY OWN DRUM “When deciding between being professional and being myself, I always err on the side of authenticity.”

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