40 Under 40: Meagan Crafts Price


Company: Culinary Crafts
Title: Marketing Manager
Age: 28
City: Pleasant Grove

CAREER ANTHEM “What Baking Can Do” from “Waitress” musical

LINER NOTES Meagan Crafts Price knows her craft. Culinary Crafts was founded by her mother, Mary Crafts, and Meagan has done every job in the books — from dishwashing at age 12 to accounting to planning to marketing. Mary retired last year, and now Meagan and her brothers, Ryan and Kaleb, are cooking up the next generation of culinary excellence with a company that has won Best of State a delectable 20 times.

FAVORITE MUSIC GENRE “Umm … all of them! I love good music.”

FAVORITE LYRIC “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.” — “Beautiful Boy” by John Lennon

CAREER HIGH NOTE “Marrying my husband. I know that seems unrelated, but in a family business it’s all related! Clayton is the highlight of my life. It is with him I find passion and purpose.”

PITCHY ADVICE “Worst advice ever? ‘Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.’ What a load of bull! Few people love their job, industry and team more than I do! I love what I do! But I work. Hard. Every day. It’s exhausting — but more rewarding than you can imagine.”

BEATING TO MY OWN DRUM “I put a high price on authenticity. I spent a lot of time wishing and pretending I was normal or like ‘other girls’ (whatever that means). But I realized all my crazy quirks are what make me awesome!“

MY FORTE “I have extremely high self-efficacy. I think I can do anything! Learn anything! Be anything! Makes me extremely efficient and constantly on the prowl for new challenges.”

DREAM RECORD “To create a legacy of service and abundance with my brothers that will inspire the next generation.”


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