All Smiles: Bruce Richards, DMD


   Dr. Bruce Richards is a true “people person.” Regardless of his patient’s age, situation or nationality, he has a way of connecting and making them feel comfortable.

   “I enjoy making people smile and helping them maintain that smile for a long time,” Dr. Richards says.

   His empathy and ability to connect has been putting patients at ease for years as he’s built his practice into a staple of the American Fork community. His service isn’t limited to people living in and around American Fork, though.

   Starting in 2010, Dr. Richards and members of his staff have taken personal time once a year to donate dental treatment — and other necessities — to children in the Dominican Republic through the International Aid Serving Kids (IASK) organization, giving him a chance to use his Spanish while offering much-needed service.

   “It’s a blessing to all of us who travel there each year,” he says.

   He also gives time to various organizations including Smiles for Refugees and Give Kids A Smile.

   But it’s his consistent skilled treatment of families — from children to grandparents — that brings consistent meaning to his work.

   He is a true general dentist and has the skill and experience to manage all aspects of dental care. He has an in-house anesthesiologist and works well with various specialists from around Utah Valley and beyond.

   “When I was in my last year of dental school, I couldn’t settle on any one area of specialty  because I truly loved all aspects of dentistry,” Dr. Richards says. “That’s why I chose general dentistry. I also appreciate the skilled dental specialists we have and work closely with them.”

   Dr. Richards and his skilled and friendly staff members utilize the latest equipment, including 3-D imaging that makes diagnosis and patient education easier and more accurate.

   His two hygienists and two dental assistants join him in taking continuing education classes and seminars, staying up to date on the fast moving world of dental implants and cosmetic dentistry.

   But, the success of Dr. Richards’ practice still comes down to the comfortable trust he instills in his patients.

   “When someone refers a friend or family member to me, it’s a great compliment,” Dr. Richards says. “We take that trust seriously.”

Don’t Delay Fighting Decay
Regular dental care and cleanings are the best way to maintain a healthy smile. However, if it has been a long time between dental visits, Dr. Bruce Richards suggests jumping back in. Dental care is more comfortable and effective than it has ever been. Medications and equipment are available to take the edge off of receiving treatment.

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