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Craig Christiansen, DDS  |  Trevor Lindgren, DDS  |  Gregary Boehme, DMD
476 West 800 North, Orem  |  (801) 221-7615  |

   There are many reasons why Christiansen Dental of Orem has been awarded the best dental practice in Utah Valley for the past two years in the reader’s poll of the Daily Herald, but ultimately the reason for that award being bestowed on the practice is because of kindness.

   “Most of my colleagues in Utah County are good dentists.” Dr. Craig Christiansen says, “There are a lot of dental practices in the area that are larger, fancier, treat a lot more patients, and maybe even have the coolest new technology. I think the reason we have been awarded the honor of best practice in Utah Valley is simply because I have the best staff in the whole world who I have hired because they are happy, kind and brilliant people.”

   Being nice to people and fair with prices has led Christiansen Dental to become a well-respected institution in Orem. Although there are three excellent dentists who work in the practice, the office is still named after its founder — Dr. Craig Christiansen — who came to Orem with his young family in 1995 and began performing dentistry in a small office on University Parkway. Drs. Trevor Lindgren and Gregary Boehme work full-time as dentists and offer years of experience in providing amazing clinical excellence in traditional family dentistry. Each of the seasoned doctors is accomplished and offers his own area of expertise to serve patients.

   For example, Dr. Christiansen focuses mainly on cosmetic, implant and reconstructive dentistry, while the other doctors excel at prosthetic, restorative and preventative dentistry, including treating young children. With three skilled dentists, and an amazing team of experts in patient care working with them, patients always receive excellent dental care at Christiansen Dental.

   “My team members are absolutely fantastic!” Dr. Christiansen says, “I only hire the nicest and happiest people I can find.”

   The capable team at Christiansen Dental is skillful and well-versed in each person’s role in the dental practice. Each of the dentists and staff members live in Utah County and most grew up here, as well. There is a great love for the local community in the office.

   Service, charity and support for a variety of local causes and charitable organizations are especially important to the team. Christiansen Dental has grown and thrived in Orem since 1995 as the office’s reputation for kindness and quality dental care has spread throughout Utah Valley and beyond.

   “I am so humbled and grateful to my wonderful patients who have been with me all these years and have voted my practice the best in Utah Valley once again,”  Dr Christiansen says, ”Thank you so much!”


A No-Insurance Solution
A lot of people don’t have dental insurance or have a very poor-quality plan that limits who they are able to see for dental care.  Dr. Christiansen and his team have an excellent program for individuals, couples or families that provides a substantial cost savings for those with no dental insurance.  Their in-office dental care plan helps to spread out the costs of routine care over the course of the year and significantly discounts any necessary treatment fees.

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