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   As children become adolescents, there are a number of well-documented and life-altering physical changes they go through.

   In addition to changing voices and growth spurts, a less visible change is the eruption of wisdom teeth.

   At times, wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding, pain, infection or other dental problems. For many in our community, removing wisdom teeth is a right of passage — preparing youth for the world of missions and college.

   Because wisdom teeth emerge late and are located in the back of the mouth near the jaw, removing them can be complicated. Parents and patients appreciate skilled professionals who can do the job safely and comfortably.

   Dr. Christopher Burton and Dr. Jared Rasmussen are just such doctors.

   The board-certified oral surgeons at Utah Valley Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery specialize in wisdom teeth extraction, performing dozens of in-house procedures each week with the comfort of anesthesia and a total turnaround time of about an hour.

   From the first consultation, Dr. Burton and Dr. Rasmussen work hard to personalize care to the specific patient, helping the patient understand their teeth, the procedure and what can be done to make it as comfortable as possible.

   Dr. Burton received four years of dental training and completed another four-year residency in oral surgery from the University of Iowa after graduating with a bachelor’s degree from BYU. He enjoys cycling, scuba diving and exploring Utah.

   After earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah, Dr. Rasmussen completed his doctoral training at the University of Kentucky. He earned his medical degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

   He is an outdoor enthusiast, spending his time fly fishing, hiking, four-wheeling and snowboarding.

Complete Dental Wellness
The professionals at Utah Oral Surgery are vital members of the local dental community, working closely with dentists, orthodontists and other specialists to meet the needs of the growing Utah Valley community. While 70 percent of the practice’s clients are referrals from other dental professionals, patients (and parents) are welcome to call and schedule a consultation.

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