From Autopilot to Mindful: Jennifer Prokhorov Develops Meditation App for Mothers


By Madison Everett

With a degree in conservation biology from BYU and no previous business experience, Jennifer Prokhorov of Provo dove head first into the entrepreneurial world. Although she never planned to start a business, her passion for meditation and helping others overcame her fears and inexperience.

Jennifer started her own meditation practice three years ago, and after her first class she immediately understood its powerful potential. As she got more involved, she searched for a meditation app with content specifically for parents but couldn’t find one. With this new-found passion for mindfulness, Jennifer decided to create a meditation app herself — Stillpoint Meditation — created specifically for parents.

This stay-at-home mom transitioned into a stay-at-home working mom and the task has not been easy. But to Jennifer, it has been well worth it. With four kids, ages 5-14, Jennifer says that she has to be very intentional about her time with them.

“I’ve really had to say when my kids are home, there’s no work going on,” she says. “They need to know they are No. 1.”

Pre-meditation Jennifer was on autopilot. “I was just at the mercy of whatever my body and mind decided to throw at me,”  she says.

With the distraction of technology and the fast-paced life of the western-world, Jennifer believes we are so rarely stopping to pause for any reason. And when we do, our pauses look like sitting and scrolling. That is why she feels so deeply about meditation.

“Meditation is honestly one of the greatest things that has happened to the world,” Jennifer says.

The Stillpoint app features a 10-day series of seven-minute meditations geared toward mothers. These meditations help users get rid of mama guilt, return to calm and attain deep sleep. It is available in the iOS app store and offers a seven-day free trial.

“The why behind it all is so big for me,” she says.“This can change lives because it’s changed mine. People have escaped a tunnel of depression, improved their relationship with their husband or finally found happiness because they see what’s going on in their head and get out of it.”

Originally published in the 2019 July/August issue of Utah Valley Magazine. 


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