Four Foods Group is Growing Our Favorite Food Brands From Their Pleasant Grove Headquarters


By Mary Crafts

If you’re in the food world, you’ve probably been wondering what is the story with this fast-growing company called Four Foods Group. They’ve been making a lot of noise lately in our state, so I decided to investigate.  Four Food Group is responsible for some of our favorite spots in Utah County! Did you know they own R&R BBQ, as well as Swig and Mo’ Bettahs?

Most of you know I’m a fan of Mo’ Bettahs for a place that serves authentic Hawaiian food at a great value, and I’ve reviewed them before in this column.  However, until now I didn’t realize the restaurant’s growth into multiple locations is a direct result of joining up with the skills of Four Foods Group.

I have traveled this great country from Kansas City to South Carolina to Texas to learn everything there is to know about barbecue and smoking meats, so it’s hard to pull the wool over my eyes. Even though R&R is fast food with counter service, they are among some of the best barbecue joints in the nation. R&R offers lots of meat and sides choices, but don’t leave without having the best item on the menu: smoked beef brisket done right. Oh yeah!  I eat my barbecue without sauces, and a well-smoked piece of meat should be able to stand on its own without getting its flavor or moistness from a sauce. And that’s just how the brisket is at R&R. Yum.

To be honest, I had never been to a soda joint and I didn’t think I would be a fan. To my surprise, Swig not only offered an endless list of creative sodas, but one caught my eye with sugar-free Red Bull and sugar-free flavorings.  Now we’re talking!  Another confession…I tried the peanut butter cookie and the coconut cookie, and they were really good.

Inside tip: To keep your Swig beverage cold all day, pick up one of their stainless insulated cups as they are fabulous!

The Four Foods Group also owns a series of Little Caesars across the nation. And after fueling a major expansion of Kneaders, Four Foods Group has just sold the franchises back to the founders. Wow. This Pleasant Grove company is busy!  Four Foods Group is run by the intelligent Shauna Smith, CEO and founder. Shauna is an incredible example to other women entrepreneurs of how to manage a young family and be one of the best CEOs in the business. She and her husband, Andrew Smith, are always looking for the next great food concept to franchise with their expertise for growth and expansion.

Thanks, Four Foods Group, for keeping us in real food at real values. I’m excited to see what good ideas will find fortune with your company.  Until next time, fill your life with scrumptious food and joy.


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