Cathe Cook Celebrates 21 Years with Allstate Insurance


Cathe Cook first became an agent with Allstate Insurance in 1998. She brought an eager attitude and some background in insurance and got to work — and has continued to work every single day to serve her customers from St. George to Logan.

“I just want to keep our customers always coming back,” she says. “I’ve been available for them since I started.”

The ever-changing nature of the insurance industry has held Cathe’s attention for more than two decades. Even with all the new challenges, every day still includes serving a customer in a meaningful way.

“The connection we have with our customers is amazing. There are no guarantees in life, but we get to protect the inevitable with insurance coverage,” Cathe says.

Meaningful relationships with customers often give Cathe a front row seat to the aftermath of tragedies. While an event like losing a home in a fire is unlikely, death is inevitable and often unexpected. Cathe says the most important thing she can insure isn’t a thing at all — it’s the breadwinner of a family.

“We are in the business of protecting people. If the person did the right thing for their family and had current life insurance, I can offer a check to a family who has lost a loved one. It doesn’t take away for the emotional toll, but it can fill in the gaps of their financial burden,” she says. “It’s life changing, and we do it daily.”

One of the beneficial parts of insuring customers in Utah Valley is the focus on family.

“Because families are so close here, when you get one family member as a customer, you get them all,” Cathe laughs.

Another connection plays a critical part in Cathe’s success — her partnership with Allstate.

Founded in 1931, Allstate Insurance now serves approximately 16 million households.

“I represent a company that rocks. Allstate is very in tune with their customers and their employees,” Cathe says.

Cathe works alongside six dedicated experts she would rather call teammates than employees. Some have worked with her for all 21 years.

“They are in it for the long haul,” she says. “I surround myself with the best people because I’m only as good as the people around me.”

This queen of coverage is an in-the-trenches kind of leader. She answers her own phone calls. She reads self-improvement books and literature on insurance every day. She requires herself and her team to stay up to date on the newest insurance trainings and technology through extensive training courses.

“Every day we learn something,” she says. “Whether it’s from experiences or from research, we’re always growing.”

3 Words

In 2018, Cathe Cook received the Honor Ring Award and the Chairman’s Conference Award — some of the highest Allstate recognitions.

“Passion, efficiency and consistency are the three words I’d use to describe my career,” Cathe says. “I’m passionate about educating people. I’m always efficient and consistent in the way I’m present and accessible. This has kept my fire alive for 21 years.”


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